Making a hat

Hello everyone, in this post i will be sharing my own ways of how to make a hat. Making hats is still a learning process for me, but for now, the result is pleasing. I will also be making soon a post about future projects, and the direction of this blog, so stay tuned!.

Firs of all, you’ll need some fabric. The main fabric, a lining, some flexible steel wire, wire pliers, felt( to give the hat that nice crisp shape) a glue gun, and anything you want to use for decorating.


Use you’re pattern(just like a circle skirt, but the circumference of you’re head) to cut the felt base layer, then sew the wire on top of it with whip stitches. Also cut the outer and lining layer, with a 1/2” seam allowance on all the edges, then notch all the rounded edges so they will fold down with no puckers.WP_20160809_006

Now with a glue gun, glue the front layer to the felt by folding the notches over to the other side and glue them in place( how many times can you say “glue” in one sentence?).And for the lining glue the notches inward so that it will be the same size as the front layer . The height of the hat is a rectangle, so it doesn’t need notches (wish you read this before doing it huh?)

And you should have something like this(hopefully)


Now it’s hand-sewing time b*tch. For the top and the rectangle-thingy, put them wrong sides together, and with matching thread, do a slip stitch around the edge.BUT,but,BuT,BUt,But,bUT, only sew the front layers together, leave the lining alone, and before that, do the back seam. I did a poorly job, but it’s okay since i’ll add a big-ass bow there later.But always do decorations like ribbons, and lace … before adding the brim

And for the brim and rectangle-thingy, on the inside, sew just the lining together , leaving the outer fabric untouched. And that should be it, if you want you can decorate it, or leave it like that, on it’s own, alone, forever…But i also added some bias binding around the brim’s edge, and sew it on both sides with slip stitches, this let my finger tired after it so i just said it’s finished

And that’s it, i will have a future hat project, with the ULTIMATE TECHNIQUE, that i haven’t tested yet, and in the next couple days, there should be a post about me, some future big projects and what you should be expecting in the next months. I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and there will be another one, pretty soon. Byyyyyyyyyyeeeeee!!!!


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