Making cat clothes.(why just….why?)

Okay, first of all, i’m an animal lover, but i still think that my cat looks fabulous, dressed up(or i’m just crazy). Now cat’s clothes and dog clothes are different. Dogs will be more understanding that their owner is crazy, and let them put a sweater on them, but with cats is different. The pattern always needs to have a closure so that the cat can get in and out easily. The pattern that i came up with is “hugging” the cat’s body, and my cat loves it (rly he told me).

First, you’ll need a cat to measure, but you can’t do it while they’re asleep, because usually they are stretching or curling up while sleeping, soooo, idk, try your best and you’ll (hopefully)succeed .

you need the following measurement: neck circumference, neck to waist, shoulder to shoulder, arm width, torso circumference, torso length. Here is my cat demonstrating the measurementskat

Here’s a diagram of how the pattern looks, and i highly recommend using velcro as the closure, so that the cat can free itself from the garment if he feels like. Of course, cats sizes can be different from cat to cat, and also, the time for this project depends only on your cat’s patience, but if your cat doesn’t want to, then don’t do it. You could use lining, or bias binding to finish off the raw edges, but as for decorating it, the sky is the limit.kat pattern

And also, here’s my cat on the catwalk( say that 5 times in a row) modeling other designs

This one has a cat on it, and the edges are finished with bias bindingWP_20160811_008

OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD, can you see the smile on that cute face( i don’t). Just look at him he is adorable(and a boy, but my girl cat was out at the time).And also, when using lining, sew it right sides together, then notch all the curved edges, so it will turn with no puckersWP_20160811_009

And that’s it. If you want to terrorize your cat, than that’s the way. Thank you so much for reading this completely useless post and i will be posting another one soon. BYEEE!!!


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