Making a dragonfly blouse (sexy…)

Okay, so i tooked one of the most ugly fabrics that i could ever find, and turned it into something fabulous. At my fabric shop, there was a clearence on the summer fabrics, where almost EVERYTHING was like 4$ a meter, so i tooked a meter of this dragonfly weird elastic fabric, and i’m going to make a blouse out of it, but you’ll see…

But, before i started working on the blouse, i got 2 types of elastic.A thicker one for the back, and a thinner and strechy-er one for the sleeves.And also some thin strechy lace to bind the raw edges since I HATE BIAS TAPE, but i also had some of that for the neckline.WP_20160818_001[1]Then i cut out all the pieces, and i used a self-drafted pattern for this, since i really don’t like industrial patterns, i also made the back wider since it will be gathered with the elastic.And a meter of fabric isn’t that much, but look, i had tones left!Enough to make two more blouses(not rly)!

The first assembl-y step was to do the shoulder seam, then cover them in lace so that everything would be nice and pretty. And disclaimer: don’t sew over pins. Treat your machine and your pins right!

Then i sewed the sleeves on, covered the edges in lace tape, then i did the armhole/armpit seam, aaaaaaand ( can u guess wut i’m bout’ to say?) i covered the seam in lace tape and ironed the whole thing

The next step was hemming, and it was pretty difficult, this fabric was so weird and slippery, and the hem just wouldn’t sit. I tried free-hand, i tried pinning it. Nope, not gonna happen. Ain’t nobody got time for dat!. So, in the end, the hem looks ok from the outside, but on the inside is quite poorly done, but, it’s better then no hem at all…WP_20160818_010[1]

Then it was elastic time baby. On the back, i used a thicker and wider elastic since there will be some pressure on it, but for the sleeves, i used a much more delicate and thin one, so i would be able to stretch it more. At the sleeves, i streched the elastic and did a zig-zag stitch the same width as the elastic, and for the back, i stretched the elastic and sewed @ the edges

And the last step was to finish the neckline with some bias tape(wich i hate, for no reason at all, i just don’t like it, but, it gets the job done really well…)WP_20160818_018[1]

And that’s all!. You could use the same thecniques for any kind of blouse, but i did it like this since that’s how my sister wanted it. R N i’m not at home, so i will be probably posting a little bit more than usual but, you never know, do you?WP_20160819_002[1]

Ehhhh? isn’t it pretty? Thank you so much for reading this till’ the very end and i hoped you enjoyed. I should have a post about a jacket and a dress pretty soon, so keep an eye out.BYEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!


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